Three handy PR tips for a successful 2021

As your company develops and implements its business strategies for 2021, a solid public relations plan should be part of the formula.

Getting coverage in the hospitality trade publications and websites leads to tremendous (free) awareness for your company, and the legwork should have already been started.

So, here are three quick tips that will help your PR efforts.

1) Compile editorial calendars
The trade magazines are starting to release their 2021 editorial calendars. Compile each one, identify which planned articles apply to your company, and pitch accordingly. Don’t let your competitors beat you to this valuable exposure.

2) Pursue listing opportunities
Editorial calendars also detail when surveys, buyers guides and other listing opportunities are scheduled. Some might be early in the year, so don’t miss a deadline.

3) Sources for articles
This is always a good time of the year to ask editors to consider you or someone from your company as a source in applicable articles. Many stories throughout the year aren’t found on an editorial calendar, so staying top of mind can lead to inclusion in these unplanned articles.

Simple ideas that go a long way toward increasing your level of exposure and are easy to implement.

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