Case Studies

Our mission is to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

Proven Results

We consider every challenge as an opportunity. Here are a few examples covering the results achieved through branding, creativity, and strategic marketing.

Vantage Hospitality Group

Growth, positive experiences & results for Conferences & Trade Shows

Our team developed the concepts, themes, branding, communications, marketing materials, and presentations for almost two decades for national hotel chain conferences and trade shows. These functions included managing hundreds of marketing projects, start-to-finish, to ensure they were on brand, on time and on budget.

  1. Growth from 20 to over 100 vendors, including developing sponsorship packages
  2. Attendees expanded from 100 to more than 1,000
  3. Created all general session and marketing presentations
  4. Conducted Advertising Council and Advisory Board meetings during the conferences and mid-year

“Every conference and trade show was unique, entertaining and educational. Their team’s professionalism throughout the events was exceptional.”

Frank Melville, President, PhoneSuite

“Three words describe Peter’s group… service, quality, results. I was an Ad Council member for many years and watched our hotel brands thrive under Peter’s marketing leadership.”

Lori Andrew, former Ad Council member, Americas/Canadas Best Value Inn

Premier Campground Management

Business writing that hit the mark

A leader in campground reservation software and a product of Stainless Software, Inc., Premier Campground Management (PCM) had several business writing assignments to help increase company awareness and generate sales leads.

Case Studies

  • PCM asked for five case studies that showcased its customers’ campground businesses, while weaving in content on how its software was being used by each customer.
  • JCF’s writer interviewed each customer, researched their parks and produced an engaging series of case studies that told a story about how the campgrounds benefited from PCM’s product.
  • JCF’s designer created a visually appealing layout for each one with photos and callout quotes.
  • A new Case Studies section was added to PCM’s website and each case study was adapted to a print ad that ran in the major campground industry trade publication.

Press Releases

  • PCM had several new product features that it wanted announced to the campground industry.
  • JCF’s writer collected all the pertinent details and crafted an informative press release for each feature.
  • The press releases were distributed to the campground industry media and posted in the News section of PCM’s website.
“JCF did a wonderful job for us. With just a quick conversation, they fully understood what we were trying to accomplish and put together a comprehensive plan to get it done. They executed the plan flawlessly and their estimates were right on target. Very professional work!”
Billy Chism, President, Stainless Software, Inc.

America’s Best Value Inn

From concept to
fastest-growing hotel chain

How do you launch a national hotel chain with very limited capital, resources, marketing funds and staff, compete with 80 already well-established chains and then turn it into the fastest-growing brand for 10 consecutive years?

  1. Work with people you like doing business with and are experts in their fields
  2. Attract hotel owners by creating a unique philosophy and culture to the lodging industry
  3. Develop innovative campaigns that maximize exposure for minimal marketing dollars
  4. Deliver results for hotel owners in the brand

Timeline & Growth Results

1995: JCF Marketing develops the Best Value Inn name and logo for Vantage Hospitality Group. The first location opens.
1999: Vantage Hospitality Group launches Best Value Inn as a national hotel chain.
2004: 450 hotels
2009: 900 hotels
2014: 1,100 hotels


Inc. 500 / 5000: Vantage recognized as a top growth company for 8 consecutive years.
Harris EquiTrend: Best Value Inn (now Americas Best Value Inn) recognized as a top brand for quality for 4 years
J.D. Power #2 in 2016, #1 in 2017, #2 in 2018: Americas Best Value Inn ranked as one of the top brands for quality and service.
Lodging Magazine: Fastest-growing hotel chain 10 years

JCF Marketing served as Vantage Hospitality Group’s full-service advertising agency since the company’s inception, then continued working with RLH Corporation upon its acquisition of Vantage in 2016.

Vantage Hospitality Group

Results Delivered
for its Hotel Brands

After the success of Best Value Inn, Vantage Hospitality Group expanded over a series of years by acquiring Lexington Hotels, 3 Palms, Country Hearth, Jameson Inn, and Signature Inn. These brands were stagnating upon the acquisitions so the goals were to re-introduce them to the lodging industry and consumer markets to increase membership in the brands and revenue for the hotel owners.


JCF Marketing continued with an integrated media mix covering campaigns targeted to the lodging industry to generate growth for all of Vantage’s brands. The company also developed online, print, and broadcast consumer campaigns, while Vantage’s internal team developed the PPC, SEO and social media programs.

Results: average annual increases

Website visits: 18-21%
Reservations: 20-25%
Revenue growth for properties: 18-20%

Through JCF Marketing’s negotiated media discounts and partnership marketing alliances, the company was also able to expand the marketing budget by an average of 50% annually resulting in more impressions for the brands and reservations for the hotel owners.