Sponsorship Services

We’ve specialized in hospitality marketing for 25 years and work with vendors and hotel chains on trade shows, conferences and marketing campaigns. Your time is valuable. Our team knows how to maximize your sponsorship, so let us handle the details for you.

Develop a Detailed Summary

Outlines all of the marketing opportunities and a status of your company’s participation.

  • Immediate sponsorship snapshot allowing you to determine next steps and plan accordingly
  • Each component of your sponsorship with all marketing details and deadlines
  • Regional Shows and Town Hall schedules
  • Prepare the tentative Vendor Digest schedule with deadlines for you to work with AAHOA

Coordinate the Details for Events You’re Participating in

After the summary is prepared, help coordinate the processes for participating at the events you’re attending.

  • Regional Shows – registration
  • Town Hall Meetings – registration and possible speaking opportunities
  • Prepare PowerPoint presentations
  • Update listings on AAHOA.com and Today’s Hotelier
  • Maintain an ongoing summary of all activities and upcoming deadlines for your company

Develop Vendor Digest Materials and Schedules

After preparing the Vendor Digest schedule, there are many functions that need to be managed throughout the process for effective campaigns.

  • All scheduling with AAHOA
  • Prepare copy and images
  • Send materials to AAHOA for each edition
  • Track results, then make adjustments for the next Vendor Digest

If you need assistance with preparing promotional materials, booth graphics, PR, ads and marketing strategies, we’re here to help.

Contact Peter Frantz at (440) 376-3451 or pfrantz@jcfmarketing.com, or complete the form here.