Sponsorship Services

We’ve specialized in Hospitality Marketing for 25 years, with a large portion of that experience focused on tradeshows, conferences, and vendor/client relations.
Your time is valuable. We know how to maximize your sponsorship, so let us handle the details for you.

Your AAHOA sponsorship may include any of the following:













You’ve already paid for them. Are you getting the most back out of them?

We’ve specialized in fulfilling campaigns for B2B and B2C clients. We know the time involved in following through on everything you’re entitled to with your sponsorship. We offer a number of services, listed below, that can help you get the most of your investment.

Strategic Planning
Prepare a summary covering all of the marketing opportunities and a status of your company’s participation.

Cost: $750

You’ll receive a customized snapshot of your sponsorship that allows you to determine next steps and plan accordingly.

  • Each component of your sponsorship with all of the marketing details and deadlines
  • Regional Shows and Town Hall schedules
  • Tentative e-blast schedule with deadlines for you to work with AAHOA

Event Planning
Coordinating the processes for participating at the events you’re attending.

Cost: $500 - $1,500

We can help plan, design, produce, and ship materials for the shows you attend, whether you are presenting or just mingling.

  • Coordinate registration of regional shows and town halls
  • Prepare PowerPoint presentations
  • Update listings on AAHOA.com and Today’s Hotelier
  • Maintain an ongoing summary of all activities and upcoming deadlines for your company

Your cost will depending on the number of events you’re attending. Developing presentations is an additional fee.

E-blasts and Communications
Mobile-responsive and visually appealing email communication to thousands of potential clients.

Cost: $xx - $xx per eblast

We can help you through the entire campaign process.

  • Scheduling with AAHOA
  • Design and write copy
  • Code compliant HTML
  • Subject line recommendations
  • Deliver files to AAHOA for each e-blast
  • Data analysis after each send to improve the next one

There are many variables with preparing the artwork. Therefore, an estimate can be prepared upon discussing the details and getting your direction.

AAHOA Convention
If you need assistance with preparing promotional materials and booth graphics, we can help

Cost: Variable

  • Something
  • Something
  • Something
  • Something

Other Marketing Services
As a full-service, scalable agency, we can provide an array of services.

Cost: Variable

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Online and print media campaigns
  • Branding
  • Print Management
  • Broadcast Production

We look forward to working with you to offer time-saving and professional marketing services to maximize your ROI on the AAHOA sponsorship and other projects.